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Blended Delta Testimonials

Delta makes a difference! Read personal accounts from alumni who have completed the Blended Delta and have plenty of experiences to share.


Christina Meier: A Whole World of New Opportunities- Teaching House Delta

New York, JFK Airport: I had just boarded the plane back home and caught a glimpse of the New York skyline when we took off. My thoughts went back to the past five weeks I had spent in that multicultural vibrant city. Two years I complete the CELTA at Teaching House and I was sure I would have been back for the DELTA. Having a high school teaching degree for economics and eight years of experience. I just wanted to get to know the basics of language teaching before I started teaching CLIL (content and language integrated marketing) Teaching House CELTA and Delta gave me much more. The courses opened my eyes to a complete new world of teaching and gave me the (classroom) teaching methodology I had been looking for so long.
I became friends with the other trainees on the course and developed my teaching with the help of experienced, supportive, and enthusiastic tutors. But most important of all: I became familiar with many new approaches of teaching acquired ideas and methods to improve my lessons and helped the students of our training class- who were incredibly motivated and interested- to learn English.

Switzerland, back at my school: From the first day on I implemented the new methodology in my classes. The enthusiasm, visible fun and the smiling faces of my teenage students showed me that they enjoyed the lessons, learned actively and that everything I learned and that everything I learned really works. I have taken a lot of teacher development courses, but none of them has given me as many practical instruments for immediate use.

Barcelona, 3 months later: I leave the plane and the sun welcomes me. An exciting week is ahead of me. I am about to start my first week as a teacher trainer. For the first time I am going to be on the other side. I am going to help trainees in their first steps as teachers. Although this time I


will mostly support the permanent teacher trainers. I feel excited. I’ll have the opportunity to give model classes, observe first lesson and give trainees some feedback. I am also going to give an input session that was so valuable to me when I was a trainee. I am thrilled to pass my experience and knowledge on and help teachers learn and improve.

Where will the place take me next? I don’t know yet. But I know the DELTA opens up a whole new world for me. Teacher trainer around the globe? Going on with a MA? Director of studies? Or just a passionate teacher? There are so many opportunities now and I am excited for the things to come. Wherever in the world it will be.


Erica Lederman: The Blended Delta Program

2013-06-02_12-23-13_586After two years of teaching English as a second language to adults, both in my home country of the United States and in Russia
I became stuck in a rut. Lessons were overly predictable and my knowledge of language ceased to expand. In 2010 I began working for International House/Teaching House New York, which coincidentally was beginning to offer the Blended Delta program that same year. It was the perfect opportunity for me to pull myself out of that rut and learn more about language, methodology and curriculum design.

The Blended Delta is composed of three separate components: a written exam, a two-month face-to-face course, and a written thesis. Although it is possible to do these components in any order, its highly recommended that candidates complete the modules separately and in sequence so that they can get recommended that candidates complete the modules separately and in sequence so that they can get the full benefit and devote the time necessary to each task, The Blended Delta program at Teaching House treats the first and third modules as distance courses and the second module as an on-site intensive course. This allows a lot of flexibility for candidates, who can participate all over the world.pullquote-2-delta

Although thoroughly challenging and, at times, extremely stressful, the Delta was an invaluable experience. After completing the Delta program I have a better understanding of the teacher’s role in the classroom and the beliefs that underlie every word and action spoken during a class. I am also more confident experimenting with different methodologies and techniques, as I am able to evaluate them critically and predict how they might work with my group of learners.

Furthermore, the Delta has opened up other avenues in ELT besides classroom teaching, such a publishing materials and teacher training. For anyone who wants to pursue a long-term career in the ELT industry, the Delta is a worthwhile investment.