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Delta Modules

Cambridge Delta Modules Overview

The Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is designed to deepen the knowledge and understanding of English language teaching (ELT) for experienced teachers with at least one year of full-time post CELTA employment in the ELT field. The Cambridge Delta is a modular course consisting of three sections.

Module 1 “Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching” covers ESL education, studying theory, methodology, approaches to learning, and specific linguistic and language issues, as well as key concepts and terminology

Module 2  “Developing Professional Practice” explores the developmental assessment of teaching and requires observation and evaluation between teacher trainers and trainees. This five week course assessment aims to help trainees develop and understand specific teaching roles and principles.

Module 3 “Extending Practice and ELT Specialism” involves candidates researching a particular learning context, designing a needs analysis based upon a specialty group they’ve chosen to work with, creating a course plan and integrating assessment based on testing principles. This module requires an assessment of the particular group’s needs and proper construction of a course plan that helps the students learn English within a particular context.