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Delta Stories

After I finished my Delta, I worked for 4 months as an Assistant Academic Manager at ILA Vietnam and was then promoted to Academic Manager of two of their mid-sized centers, a position which I held for a year.  During this year, I also became standardized as a CELTA YL Extension Trainer and trained on two courses as assistant course tutor.  At the end of my contract as AM, I moved to New York to work at Teaching House, where I worked as a CELTA tutor for over a year. I’m now a freelance CELTA tutor and run courses all over the world!



After I’d finished my Delta, I stayed at a language school in New York, but I started to go in a more administrative direction, taking over responsibility for the Cambridge exams at our center, standing in for the DoS when necessary, and working on updating our center’s test banks.  I’ve also run several PD sessions for our teachers.  I am currently being trained as a teacher trainer, and will be running CELTA courses this summer! I love the variety that Delta has given me.



When I finished my Delta in 2006, I moved to the UK, where I worked as a Director of Studies at a Summer Camp and then worked as an EAP (English for Academic Purposes) teacher at the University of Southampton.  Then I went to London to work as a Business English teacher and teacher trainer. My teaching was noticeably better! I continued as a teacher, teacher trainer and academic manager in the UK, China and the US over the next 4 years before settling in Cambridge, UK, where I currently work in center management and marketing.



After I finished my DELTA I was promoted to Assistant Director of Studies at the school I was teaching at in South Africa. I got the opportunity to cover for the Director of Studies and when she moved into training a few months later, I was again promoted to Director of Studies. I stayed at that center for over 6 years and during my time there I trained up as a CELTA trainer and then also worked to help set up an IELTS testing center for the school. From South Africa I moved to Bogota, Colombia where I headed the Teacher Training Department and ran CELTAs for a year until I got married and decided to head back to the States for a while. After CELTA training and managing the Teaching House, Chicago branch for a few years, I am now in Australia and continuing my adventure into the wonderful world of ELT assessment and publishing.



After I finished my part-time DELTA in Prague, I worked as one of the heads of the In Company section at a large school in Prague where I dealt with corporate clients for our blended learning program and managed a team of 25 to 30 teachers throughout the year.  After that, I was asked to apply for a position at a smaller school, so I ended up working as the Academic Director of the school there for a year.  When I left Prague, I made a brief stop to teach in Sri Lanka for the summer before moving to New York, where I was for over four years.  I spent the first few years working as a CELTA trainer and now I work as the Director of Studies of a language school. Delta was just the beginning!



Since doing my Delta I worked in the UK as a teacher of general and academic English at a college of further and higher education.  I then moved to Madrid where I was Assistant Director of Studies for the Younger Learners department of a great language school with tons of opportunities for professional development. That’s where I trained to be a teacher trainer and before long I was head of the teacher training department as well as ADoS!  I was busy but it was a really rewarding time.  Then I moved to New York where I was a CELTA and Delta trainer for over 8 years. Time flies!! I’m now in London and still living the CELTA and Delta training dream. I’m truly grateful for all the doors Delta has opened up for me.



After I finished my DELTA, I worked at the British Council in Sri Lanka for another year then took a year off to travel  I then worked as a teacher and a teacher trainer in Macau, China for 2 years. I’ve been working as a CELTA trainer for over five years – and I’m also an assessor for Cambridge! It’s amazing what the Delta can do for you.



After I’d finished my Delta, I worked as an EAP tutor at Southampton University then applied for a position to be trained as a CELTA trainer in London, got it and have been working as a trainer since in London, China, Switzerland and the United States.