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Module Two FAQ

Module Two FAQs

Can I do this module first?

No. It is advisable to take Module 1 first as this provides the theoretical and practical background to Module 2. Module 2 allows you to put this knowledge into practice. In exceptional circumstances you may take Modules 1 and 2 concurrently but we don’t advise this for people working full time.

For the blended option, do I need to be in New York for the pre-course program? 

No. The Pre-Course Program is a distance component which you can do from anywhere in the world. You will need to have a computer and access to the Internet to do this component and access to a class to do your diagnostic lesson by skype or video.  This can be your own class or one from a local language school.   It can be any level or specialism, as long as it involves teaching English to speakers of other languages.

For the blended option, do I need to be teaching to do the pre-course program?

Yes. You need access to a class so that you can complete your pre-course coursework.  This involves a diagnostic observation and an experimental practice lesson.  This could be your own class or a class at a local language school.  If you are in the New York area, this class can be arranged by Teaching House.  If you are not in New York, you will need to make these arrangements yourself.

What is the ‘externally assessed lesson’ and can I do it at Teaching House? 

Each trainee must teach one lesson observed by an external Delta assessor who will be appointed by the University of Cambridge. The lesson will be one of the last lessons you teach during the five-week course, allowing trainees to complete all Module Two requirements during the course.

For the blended option, what is the workload during the course?

For the Pre-Course Program, we recommend trainees allocate about 15 hours each week for four weeks. Trainees should be able to complete the course part-time while continuing their teaching.

The five-week face-to-face course is full-time and the workload is similar to that on a full-time CELTA.   You will be at the center from 9.30-5.30 Monday- Friday.  You will need to work outside of these hours as well for approximately 30 hours per week to complete all assignments, lesson plans and background reading.

How is Module 2 evaluated?

Module 2 is evaluated through 4 Language Skills/Systems Assignments (LSAs) and a Professional Development Assignment (PDA).

Each LSA consists of:
•    A 2,500 word background essay

•    A full lesson plan, rationale and language analysis

•    A 500 word self-evaluation

The PDA consists of:

•    Diagnostic lesson plan and lesson (observed but unassessed)

•    Reflection and action essay (2000-2500 words)

•    Experimental Practice essay (2000-2,500 words)

•    Experimental Practice lesson plan and self-evaluation

For the blended option, will I do any of the assessed work during the pre-course program?

Yes.  During the pre-course program you will do the diagnostic lesson plan and lesson, part of the PDA Reflection and Action, the Experimental Practice Assignment and a draft of an LSA background essay (see above, “How is Module 2 evaluated?”, for a full explanation of these terms).

What grades are available for Module 2?

The grades available for Module 2 are

•    Pass

•    Pass with merit

•    Pass with distinction

•    Fail.

When can I take Module 2?

For the blended (New York) option, Delta Module Two is usually scheduled in March each year. For the face-to-face (London) option, Delta Module two usually takes place in January and again in October. Please email us at for the latest upcoming dates.

Can I miss a week of class? 

No. Candidates must be available for the full combined 8 weeks. It is feasible to take individual days off where absolutely necessary. Please inform Teaching House during your application of any time that you might not be able to attend.

When will I find out the results?

For the blended (New York) course, results are issued in early August.

How do I apply for Module 2?

Fill out a Module 2 application form, together with proof of having passed Module 1, and send it to  In exceptional circumstances you may apply for Module 2 without having already passed Module 1.  In this case, you only need to fill in the Module 2 application form. If this is satisfactory, we will send you a pre-interview task and if this is completed successfully, you will proceed to the interview stage.