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Module Three FAQ

Delta Module Three FAQs

What does Module Three involve?

Module Three allows trainees to choose a specialism within TESOL that interests them.  You create a profile of your group (or student if your specialism is one-to-one classes), research their needs and create a 20-hour course plan including information on how your course caters to their needs.  You will also research the principles of course design and assessment.

How is Module Three evaluated?

Module Three is evaluated via a 4,500 word extended assignment with appendices.

The extended assignment consists of five parts:

•    Introduction – an analysis of the literature on your chosen specialism

•    Needs analysis – a review of the principles of needs analysis and an outline of your chosen needs analysis tools

•    Course plan – an explanation of your course plan and how it relates to your reading and your learners’ needs

•    Assessment – an overview of the principles of assessment and how it will be integrated into your course.

•    Conclusion – a summary of how your course plan relates to the principles outlined in part 1.

Can I complete the Teaching House Delta Module Three entirely online?

Yes. Teaching House offers the Delta Module Three online and also as a face-to-face course in our London school. For the online course,  you will need access to a computer, the internet and be able to arrange phone calls or Skype with your tutor.

Do I need to be in New York/London to submit my Module Three assignment?

No. You can submit your final draft of the Module Three extended assignment electronically.

Do I have to do this module last?

No but it is advisable to complete Module One before Module Three as it provides the theoretical background to Modules Two and Three.  You can take Module Three before taking Module Two.

What support will I get?

For Module Three, you are given access to the online learning materials which provide information about each of the five sections (Introduction, Needs analysis, Course plan, Assessment and Conclusion) and advice on how to complete them.  You are also given five 30-minute tutorials with a qualified Delta tutor.  Each tutorial will be tailored to each section of your assignment and includes a review of a draft of each part of your extended assignment.

What specialisms can I choose?

You can choose to specialize in any of the following areas:

•    Teaching Exam Preparation Classes

•    Young learners

•    Very young learners

•    Business English

•    English for Academic Purposes

•    English for Specific Purposes

•    One-to-One Teaching

•    ESOL and Literacy

•    ESOL through Content (Content and Language Integrated Learning – or CLIL)

•    Monolingual Classes

•    Multilingual Classes

•    Teaching in an English-Speaking Environment

•    Teaching in a Non-English Speaking Environment

•    Online Learning

•    Language Support (e.g. focusing on writing needs in an academic setting)

•    Language Development for Teachers

•    Teaching English to Learners with Special Requirements

Do I need access to a class to complete Module Three?

You need to have access to a group (or an individual for a one-to-one focused assignment) within your specialism so you can conduct needs analysis on specific learners and tailor your course around their needs.  You do not need to teach your course plan to the learners but, of course, you can if you wish.

How much work is involved in Module Three? 

About 80-100 hours of work is necessary to complete Module Three.

What sort of support will I get from my tutor?

Your tutor is available through email throughout the period that you are researching and writing your assignment. Your tutor will review a draft of each part prior to each of your five tutorials and give comments and feedback to help you improve it.

When can I start Module Three?

You can start Module Three anytime, depending on the time you have available to study each week.  You can start as early as six months before the course completion date (first Wednesday of June and December) or as late as four weeks before the course completion date (we don’t recommend starting any later than this as you will need time to gather needs analysis from your learners and collate diagnostic tests etc.).   Please note that you must register for Module Three at least six weeks before the submission date (which is also the first Wednesday of June and December).  Also, you must allow a period of one week for Teaching House to register you online and find your dedicated tutor.

What grades are available for Module Three?

The grades available for Module Three are
•    Pass

•    Pass with merit

•    Pass with distinction

•    Fail.

During the online Delta Module Three, what contact will I have with my tutor and other course participants?

Your tutor is allocated to you typically within one week of being accepted on to the course.  You can email your tutor while you are enrolled on the Delta Module Three course with questions about the course administration and content. When you enroll, your tutor will send a suggested schedule of tutorials.  These are negotiable but once the schedule has been arranged, any change of tutorial times is at your tutor’s discretion.  Please note that in order to allow your tutor time to review any drafts, you must submit your work at least one full working day (24 hours) before your tutorial.
Because each specialism is so different from the others, there are no opportunities to interact with other course participants.

How much does Module 3 cost?

Click here for a full list of course fees.

How do I apply for Module 3 with Teaching House?

Complete the Module 3 application form and send it, together with proof of having passed Module 1, to