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Module Three

Delta Module Three


Delta Module 3 is the most specialized of the three Cambridge English Language Assessment Delta modules and the most related to your individual career development goals.  You will become more familiar with teaching and planning considerations with regard to your chosen specialism, as well as the areas of needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment


Delta Module 3 is evaluated through an extended assignment of between 4,000 and 4,500 words.  You can choose to specialize in English Language Teaching or English Language Teaching Management.  Some of the areas within these that you can choose as your specialism are Young Learners, Exam Classes, One-to-One classes, English for Academic or Business Purposes and teaching Multi or Monolingual groups, among others.

Course delivery

Online: The Teaching House Blended Delta Module 3 course can be taken entirely online and you can set your own pace and schedule of work, based around your work commitments and the amount of time you have to dedicate to study.   The course consists of an online introductory seminar and then five thirty-minute one-to-one tutorials with one of our experienced teacher trainers, either via phone, Skype or face-to-face, if you are based locally in New York City.  Each tutorial focuses on a different part of the assignment.  Your tutor will be able to review a draft of that part in advance of each tutorial, provided that it is submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the tutorial.

Face-to-face: Available at our London location, please email us at for upcoming course dates.

Course content

You will usually need a class to base your assessment around so, for example, if your chosen specialism is English for Academic Purposes, you will need access to a group of learners who wish to study an EAP course.

Your extended assignment consists of five parts:

  1. Introduction to your specialism
  2. Needs analysis
  3. Course plan
  4. Assessment
  5. Conclusion

Through your background reading, the online course content and consultation with your tutor, you will provide an overview of the literature on your chosen specialism. You will then design and employ a variety of needs analysis tools to ascertain the specific backgrounds, needs and learning styles of your learners.  Using this as a base, you will create a course plan of a minimum of 20 hours, which caters to your learners’ specific needs and incorporates what you have learned about your chosen specialism.  You will also read about the various assessment tools which are available to us as ELT professionals and the theory that underpins them, using this newly acquired knowledge to design a series of formal and informal assessment methods to assess your learners’ progress and the overall success of your course.

You do not need to actually teach your course or carry out any of the assessments, though it is strongly advised to use a specific group of learners for your needs analysis to make it a more authentic and rewarding experience for you, and to make the workload more manageable.