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Module One FAQ

Delta Module One FAQs

Should I do this course before the other Delta Modules? 
 Teaching House strongly recommends starting with Module 1 as it provides the theoretical foundation for Modules 2 and 3.

Can I take Module One and Module Two simultaneously? Under special circumstances Teaching House will consider double enrollment, though completing Module One before starting Module Two is advisable.

What technical know-how and equipment will I need for the Blended Delta online Module 1 course?
You do not need a lot of computer expertise to take the online course.  You will need to know how to use Word, email and search the web. You will need a computer and regular access to the Internet.

How is Delta Module 1 evaluated?

Module 1 is evaluated via a timed written examination which takes place on the morning of the first Wednesday in June and the first Wednesday in December. The exam consists of two 90 minute papers and must be taken in person at Teaching House New York, London, Boston or another Cambridge accredited center of your choosing.

What does the online course involve?
The online Module 1 preparation course consists of:
•    modules covering course content and
•    exam focus tasks.
Some examples of content modules include Approaches and Methods in ELT, Phonology, Spoken Discourse Analysis, Lexis and Contemporary Issues in ELT. The exam focus tasks take each of the exam tasks in turn and walk you through the strategy involved in each by considering a specific real Cambridge example. You are then given a real Cambridge timed exam task which you turn in to your tutor for detailed, personalized feedback and exam advice.  You will normally receive this feedback within 48 hours of submission.  There are further exam review tasks too, which allow you to review course content in the style of the exam, helping you integrate what you’ve learned about exam strategy with your new knowledge about English Language Teaching. In addition, each candidate gets a full mock exam to do under timed exam conditions and submit to your tutor for feedback.  By the time you take the exam you will have done each part of the exam a minimum of three times and, for most tasks, up to a total of five times.

How many hours will I need to dedicate to the Module 1 online preparation course?
There are 17 content modules and 10 exam focus tasks.  Each content module takes approximately 2-3 hours, plus around 2 hours of additional background reading. You’ll also spend around 1.5-2 hours on each exam task plus 90 minutes for each mock exam.  This adds up to approximately 35-50 hours of online material, 35 hours of background reading and 20-30 hours of exam strategy and practice.  In total, you should plan to spend around 100-120 hours on Delta Module 1.

When can I start the TH Blended Delta Module 1 preparation course?
You can start the course whenever is most convenient for you.   We offer Delta Module 1 start dates every Wednesday of the year from mid January to mid November. The exam takes place on the first Wednesday in June and the first Wednesday in December.  These are also the Teaching House course completion dates.   The first step is to choose your course completion date and then calculate the amount of time you will be able to dedicate to the Delta Module 1 preparation course.  You need to dedicate between 100 and 120 hours to the entire course so if you’re working full time and can dedicate 10 hours per week to the coursework then you should start on a Wednesday 10-12 weeks before your December or June course completion date (i.e. Mid-late March or Mid – Late September).  If you are not working and can dedicate 40 hours per week to the course then you can start up to three weeks before your chosen course completion date (early May or early November).   Here is a guideline conversion table to help you calculate your course start date.


Please note that all Delta Module 1 course start dates are on Wednesdays.  You must be accepted at least one week before starting the course so we can allocate you a tutor.  You must register for the exam at least 8 weeks (worldwide centers) or 6 weeks (New York) before the exam date or you may not be able to take the exam on the date of your choice and you may have to pay a late fee.

Can I take Module 1 in-person?

Yes, Delta Module One is available as a face-to-face course at our London location.   You will need to take the exam in person on either the first Wednesday of June or the first Wednesday of December each year.  You should register at least 6 weeks before the exam date, either at Teaching House, New York or at your local Cambridge accredited centre.

Do I have to take the exam in New York?
No. You can take the exam at any Cambridge accredited exam center.  See Cambridge English for a Delta Module One exam center in your part of the world.  Note, if you choose to take the exam at a different center you are responsible for contacting that center, paying their fees and making all arrangements. It is advisable to contact the center at least 8 weeks prior to the exam date.  If you choose to take the exam at Teaching House New York, London or Boston you need to fill out the exam registration form and pay the Cambridge exam fee at least 6 weeks before the exam date.

What contact will I have with my tutor and other course participants on the online course?

Your tutor is allocated to you typically within one week of being accepted on to the course.  You can email your tutor while you are enrolled on the Delta Module One course with questions about the course administration and content. There are discussion forums where you will be able to discuss various components of the course with other course participants.  Because of the flexibility of start dates, however, other course participants may not be progressing through the material at the same rate as you.   Your tutor will not contribute to these discussions. You will receive detailed feedback on your exam practice tasks usually within 48 hours of submission.

Can I work at my own pace and do tasks whenever I want? 

No.  When you are allocated a tutor he or she will negotiate a timetable of work with you that you need to stick to in order to complete all the exam preparation tasks by your chosen course completion date and to allow sufficient time to do extra exam preparation.  If you do not stick to this schedule, we cannot guarantee tutor availability to provide written feedback.

How flexible are the deadlines for exam practice tasks?
At the beginning of the course your tutor will send a suggested schedule of timed exam task completion dates.  This is negotiable and if you know in advance of any times you will be unable to complete the exam tasks you should make your tutor aware of these. Once the schedule is decided however, you must stick to the deadlines in order to receive feedback from your tutor.  Your tutor may be able to give feedback on late submissions but this is entirely at their discretion.

Do I have to submit full payment before I start the course?
You need to pay the full course fee before we can enroll you on the course, give you access to the online course content and put you in touch with your tutor.  You should submit full payment at least a week before you want to start the course to allow us time to allocate you a tutor and enroll you on the online learning platform.
If you wish to take the exam at Teaching House, New York , London or Boston you need to pay the full exam fee at least 6 weeks before the exam date.

How much does Module 1 cost?
Click here for a full list of course fees.

Why should I take Module One at Teaching House? 

Teaching House Blended Delta Module One preparation course is one of the cheapest Delta Module One courses in the world and the best value for money. With over 1,000 teachers attending teacher-training courses at Teaching House each year, we are a professional team with a lot of experience.  As well as quality course content for self-study and peer discussion, you will also get personalized feedback and tailor-made suggestions from your tutor.

What do I need to take into the exam?
You must take some sort of state issued photo ID and black or blue pens.  You are permitted a small bottle of water but you must leave all other belongings in the allocated place away from your exam table.  You may not use white out/correction fluid, pencil or colored pens.  Full details of the procedure for the day of the exam will be sent to you by the center closer to the time of the exam.
What grades are available for Module 1?
The grades available for Module 1 are
•    Pass
•    Pass with merit
•    Pass with distinction
•    Fail.

How do I apply?
After we receive the application, we will assess your suitability for the course.  If you have the right credentials (a CELTA or equivalent plus at least 12 months of English language teaching experience) we will send you an application task.  One of our teacher trainers will evaluate your application task and if it is sufficient to begin the Delta course you will be sent an acceptance email. Once we receive full payment we will allocate you a tutor and provide you with log in information for the Module 1 online platform within one week.